What is INVENTBUY for?

At INVENTBUY you can be just a BUYER or become a VENDOR, although all vendors will be able to access the BUYERS Intranet and use it as buyers, just as BUYERS will be able to access the VENDORS Intranet by just filling out the “Forms of Payment” field on the form.

I’m a BUYER, how does it work and what are the main characteristics?
- It is a totally FREE WEB SITE.
- I can ask for as many products as I need and NEGOTIATE the price with numerous VENDORS.
- I can search the VIRTUAL STORES of INVENTBUY VENDORS to locate a product.
- If I finalize the purchase through INVENTBUY, I will receive an extra 1% off the total price before I pay and I will benefit from the security of carrying out the transaction through the web application.
It is a secure platform and should be used to avoid problems in the transactions.
- I will have a Log of my purchases and an e mail ALERT system every time a VENDOR makes me a new offer.
- I will be able to give the VENDOR a positive or negative score depending on the treatment, speed of dispatch, information provided, etc.

I’m a VENDOR, how does it work and what are the main characteristics?
- Access to the web application totally FREE OF CHARGE.
- The SEARCH ENGINE by CATEGORIES gives me the possibility of finding potential clients (BUYERS) and I can make them an offer at that moment.
- I have an ALERTS TOOL that sends me by e mail the new requests from BUYERS, and also alerting me by e mail every time I make a sale on my VIRTUAL STORE or one of my offers is accepted.
- INVENTBUY will only charge a small commission of 1% (minimum € 1) on the total sale.
- I will have a LOG of SALES and PURCHASES, and, in addition, INVENTBUY will send me an invoice for the commissions paid.
- I will be able to give BUYERS a score by assigning them positive or negative points.